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Place a pre-order to pick up this week using your WIC benefits


1) You can use this form to pre-order WIC-eligible items for pick up at market this week.

2) YOU MUST choose which location you want to pick your order up from, by adding that location to your cart.

3) Please check how items are being sold.  Some items are sold by the pound and some are sold by the bunch or individually.  You can see more info on each item by clicking on it.

4) On the day of market, you can go straight to the cashier and they will have your order ready.  They will ring up your order and accept your WIC checks.  You may use cash, credit/debit or SNAP/EBT to pay for the balance on your order if your items total more than your WIC checks.

5) Don't worry about the total price of the order online.  Your WIC benefit will be doubled and you will see the correct total on the register at pick up.

If you are experiencing issues placing your order, please call 202-281-9835 or email for assistance.

Thank you for your order.

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